Wellness is much more than theoretical examinations and revelations. It’s about connecting to that one key power source: you.

Together, let’s reach new grounds.
Together, let’s ground your new reach.
You are an inexhaustible source of wisdom.

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Managing Yourself in Time Workshop (3 hours)

$295 - Virtual Mode

Learn how you can:

  • Achieve your goals in different aspects of your life
  • Set your limits and your comfort zone
  • Enjoy a more fulfilling life

Achieve balance and find time for the things that matter to you

sylvie lafrance wellness coaching managing yourself in time
sylvie lafrance wellness coaching natures path

Nature’s Path Workshop


We will enable you to connect with the best source of energy there is, nature.

We kick off our workshop with a virtual 30-minute coaching session.

The next day, weather permitting, we go on a 60-minute nature walk. 

The following day, these events will culminate in a virtual coaching session where you will welcome your connected self into your everyday life.

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