Wellness is not a state: it’s the most impactful action.

Discover your authentic self through virtual or in-person workshop sessions. Times are changing, and in some ways, more drastically than ever. Be genuine and true to yourself, despite what is happening around you.

You will be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and given the tools to do so with peace of mind and confidence.

You will tear down barriers, take on challenges and overcome the obstacles on your path without ever losing sight of what’s most important: you.

Complimentary Exploration Consultation
(30 to 45 minutes)

We explore what coaching can bring you and determine if we are a good fit.

sylvie lafrance wellness coaching exploration consultation

Naturally You (2 hours)

$500 $395

Have you ever felt that there was more to life that you just could not reach?

During this coaching session, you will get to know your authentic uniqueness. Discover who you are, your true values, your unique talents and gifts, and perhaps even your life purpose. This Naturally You coaching time will help you set a base, a solid foundation for the journey that is your life. 

Like a tree that has its own set of branches and leaves that dance in the wind to a different pace. Like a painting that is unique and has its own essence, color, and beauty: You are a Masterpiece of Life.

Through some home writing and coaching, we will:

  • Get to know yourself.
  • Build your foundation.
  • Set a plan for your goals.
  • Create an action plan.
  • Conduct a 2-hour virtual or in-person session with a worksheet.

Find the connection to your truest self. Be able to make choices and your actions that are aligned with who you are to choose a path of decorated colors, to live your life in a multitude of dances, to discover the most beautiful one – You.

Take a pause. Do the work. You are worth connecting to your possibilities.

Create Your Best Life
(90 days)


It all starts with a meaningful yet candid smile, a deep breath, and a trial exploration session.

Sylvie then welcomes you to a 90-day Discovery session during which, on a bi-weekly basis, you will have an opportunity to dig further and learn more about your safety nets, your swivels, your cornerstones and your anchors.

We then set sail and begin our journey toward finding, defining, and emphasizing your core values, your distinctive skill sets, and your life mission statement.

We begin with a two-hour session followed by 15 X 60-minute sessions on a bi-weekly basis for 90 days. Includes 2 virtual group sessions.

sylvie lafrance wellness coaching create your best life
sylvie lafrance wellness coaching inspiration program

Inspiration Program


or 5 monthly payments of $ 1,949.80

Waking up every morning, in love with your life! The 360 ̊ Connection Program is exactly that.

After a thorough assessment, you will connect or reconnect with your life after reconvening with yourself in a more assertive, confident, and balanced way: your dreams, aspirations, ambitions, opportunities, as well existing devoted collaborators, and allies or those you aspire to.

  • Achieving your best self.
  • Let go of the fear of change.
  • Learn to be happy.
  • Lean on your best self.
  • Express your best self.
  • Let your best self grow.
  • Connect with your brilliance.

We will learn how to free ourselves from the opinions of others.
We will learn how to better direct who we want to become.
We will learn how to deal with stressors.  
You will learn that you are happy. The answers you are searching for are already inside of you.
You will feel your best knowing that you are radiant.
You will feel that you are well on your way to becoming your true self.

This is a 6-month program, plus individual coaching sessions, for individuals who want to evolve with like-minded people who share the same positive attitude. Create your vision. Set goals that are in line with your passions. Make a plan that goes beyond your limits. Create change with the support you need.

Managing Yourself in Time Workshop (3 hours)

$295 - Virtual Mode

Learn how you can:

  • Achieve your goals in different aspects of your life
  • Set your limits and your comfort zone
  • Enjoy a more fulfilling life

Achieve balance and find time for the things that matter to you

sylvie lafrance wellness coaching managing yourself in time
sylvie lafrance wellness coaching natures path

Nature’s Path Workshop


We will enable you to connect with the best source of energy there is, nature.

We kick off our workshop with a virtual 30-minute coaching session.

The next day, weather permitting, we go on a 60-minute nature walk. 

The following day, these events will culminate in a virtual coaching session where you will welcome your connected self into your everyday life.

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