HI, I'M Sylvie

A natural people person, Sylvie is always evolving, thriving on adventure, and striving for daily discoveries. Her sights are always set on reaching new heights and moving beyond, what she refers to as, fear of fate.

Every morning, she gets up early and embraces her motto: accomplish what she sets out to achieve. She enjoys the dawn’s unbreakable silence, which is perfectly suited for meditation and reading. Growing up on a farm, she ventured into the great outdoors daily, always seeking the unexpected and in search of the smallest, purest, most essential speck of learning.

She is at peace with what she is constantly becoming, as she has learned that wellness comes from knowing that what goes down must come back up. To this day, she mostly chooses the roads less travelled because she is as certain as ever that we are all act as our own pioneer, trailblazer, and icebreaker, always forging forward.

Sylvie is what you could call an interior designer. She recognizes that each of us is an entire spectrum of colours spectrum, free to choose any palette and nuance that suit us!

My Skills

Ability to Connect

Sylvie is deeply connected to who she is, what she needs, whom she needs and whom she can help. Through this process, she will help you connect to your authentic self, dreams, and projects. She will support you in developing meaningful connections and relationships with your coworkers, clients, friends, family members, and life partner.


Intuition plays a key role in coaching. Sylvie has learned to recognize and understand what is “unspoken”; what is present, but not expressed. As your Coach, Sylvie will teach you how to listen to your gut and recognize that you have all the answers you’re searching for inside you. Discover a fulfilled life through moments of reflective silence, breathing, and “just being’.


Life is beautiful. The lows, the obstacles, the shadows, the failures are necessary in order to know, to recognize success in any area of your life. Transform your life into an adventure and have fun! Change your point of view and adopt a positive mindset. Be daring. Be courageous and you will thrive. We don’t know how long we are here on this earth; why not make it count! Now is the time to take action and reach new levels. You deserve it.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Having been in business for over 30 years, Sylvie understands the challenges and the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. If you are thinking of starting your own business, making changes, or growing your business, Sylvie will be your biggest fan, demonstrating unconditional support. She will guide you toward living the life you’ve dreamt for yourself. Have faith in yourself; you were made to live big things. You are worth it!

MY Accreditations

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